Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time off is OVER

It's back to work full swing as of yesterday. We had the most productive day ever and it went so fast that it was hard to tell where the time went. When you are so involved in things that you love it is fantastic. Actually, you can't describe it. Anyway, that is how I felt.
 Today, it's bitter cold outside and windy and dreary but here, inside, it is warm, cozy and we are up to our necks in reading.
 We have started on Penrod by Booth Tarkington. So far, it is enjoyable and my son likes reading about other boys his age.
  We are still starting our days with The Pledge of Allegiance, The Lord's Prayer and Adventures in Odyssey stories. Then, we move on to Channel One News online. Then, it is on to Foreign Language which we are doing Latin, English, French, Spanish comparisons of root words. We also are doing Duo Lingo language learning online (Spanish).
 After that, we are doing our reading time and any grammar, essay's etc. He is working on a Biographical Essay right now but has not narrowed down his subject for sure yet. I am thinking he will go with something Rubik's Cube related, like who invented it, or something like one of the world's fastest solvers, etc.
 When reading is finished, we go to Bible (We are still in Genesis), History (Studying Greece), Science (Reproductive systems), Art and Music and PE.  Mostly, in this art/music/pe class we are doing guitar learning. He does it with his Dad in the evenings.

 Busy, Busy, gotta run....

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  1. oh my! I forgot to write MATH.... of course we do math. haha. At the beginning of school we did it first thing in the mornings but since about 6 weeks ago we changed and it is the LAST thing we do in the day. So, we are continuing with Life of Fred and Khan Academy plus I found some great videos online on amazon prime that we watch just for fun. Also, any movies that go along with our books we read, I show him those too so he has watched White Fang, Gulliver's Travels and next we shall see Penrod. Again,,,, busy busy... gotta run.