Friday, November 21, 2014

Homeschooling thoughts from an 11 year old.

When asked to write five things that he liked about Homeschooling, this is what my son wrote:

 1. I like my Teacher.

2. It's way more fun. 

3. Breakfast and lunches are great. 

4. It's more quiet. 

5. Other kids don't get me in trouble.

Pretty good so far I guess. I am a bit partial towards number 1 ! haha.

Time flies!

OH my, I am behind on this blog!!  We have had so much to do. We finished White Fang, started Gulliver's Travels. Also finished Shark Life by Peter Benchley. Also finished The Light and The Glory. Still reading The cat of Bubastes. Started Academic Press and Latin for beginners. Still doing Spanish. Oh my....on and on--- more later.

Time Flies!