Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can't always stay on schedule

We altered  our schedule due to the fact that math takes time !

 My personal thought is that learning should be delightful and natural.

  My son is not the only one who struggles with math and both of us doing things together and getting a bit frustrated can take a toll on a day. Today, while doing some ratio's and graphing them and making tables and also multiplying and dividing, we got to a point where both of us were thinking so hard and I was trying to figure out a way that he would understand what I was saying and how I got to a point where I was at, and I was drawing a blank. I could not somehow get through to him what I was doing and we went online and watched videos on Khan academy and also used other sites so I could figure out how to show him certain things. Finally-- it all clicked! Then we got so absorbed in math that it took the entire rest of the morning. It was literally draining and so I took the afternoon and re-arranged the schedule for today.

 We had a small lunch and a time outside just soaking in quiet and sunshine. I know it is only 1 pm while I write this blog and it seems like I am describing a day 18 hours long with how I am portraying our math time this morning but I must say with as much work as went into it today, I feel like it indeed was that long. I am sure he feels that as well.

 So, our day is finished after we read 'White Fang'.  :)

 Tomorrow, it is back to our regular Friday schedule but as for today, I am blessed and happy to have struggled long and hard and then to have made it on the other side of that math obstacle today. It will show us both a clear way through next time something like this happens. As I said earlier, learning should be delightful and natural and that part where I said, " all clicked!", well, it did and that is the delightful part- to see that in my child's eyes.

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